Discover the Cannes Festival differently

Who doesn’t know the Cannes Film Festival? The yearly socialite event takes place every May in the French Riviera. It is, in the space of a few days, the most attended even by tourists for all corners of France and the world.

This is surely caused by the plethora of celebrities that are in attendance. Film projection, star catwalks, jewellery, designer dresses and luxury cars make this festival the unmissable event in Cannes.

However, this very popular city is not only made up of glitter, cinema and red carpets. During the festival and throughout the summer other locations make up the Cannes heritage that must be discovered!

Restaurants in the city honour the specialties of Cannes. There is the famous bouillabaisse, Provencal cheeses, seafood freshly fished in the morning, all to be enjoyed without moderation. Sea outings in catamarans in the bay of Cannes are also attractive touristic activities. Another activity not to miss is the visit of the isles and vineyards of the region, with a tasting of local wines.

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