The Monaco Grand Prix: A Formula 1 race for your holidays

Alongside the Cannes Festival, the other iconic event in the Riviera is the Monaco Grand Prix. A very prestigious Formula 1 race, it attracts large numbers of racing car lovers.

All the greatest drivers compete at the Monaco race if they aim to become World Champion. The Formula 1 race takes place directly in the streets of Monaco. Known for being very difficult, the Monaco Grand Prix has built its legendary status on a 3.4km long track.

Thrills and emotions are at the heart of this event. Laps, elevation, tight turns and tunnels are built to offer strong feelings to Formula 1 fans.

Outside of Cannes, Nice and its surrounding area, Monaco is undoubtedly one of France’s and the world’s favourite holiday destination. Festivals, fairs and local events take place year long. If you wish to plan your holiday here and live these unique experiences, our website will bring you there. With a single click, your flight reservation is complete!

Live from the Grand Prix and your balcony

You may, once you land, trust us with your transfer from the airport to your hotel. Car hire is part of our range of services. From the simplest cars to luxury vehicles, the choice is yours. You may also hire a private chauffeur.

For your accommodation, you may also choose from the simplest abodes to the most luxurious. If you wish to see the race from your balcony or the outside seating areas of the great hotels around the tracks you must reserve in advance. However, if you want to simply enjoy the city and its many touristic sites, cheap hotels can be found in very modern neighbourhoods or in the bay.

For a few days you can walk in the footsteps of the stars. You will also have the opportunity to visit the city of Monaco in private cars: Porsche, Ferrari, Bugatti… Visiting the iconic landmarks of the city-state can be done in a day. The Principality of Monaco is really the place to visit.

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