Saint-Tropez: A Promised Land in the French Riviera

Without a shadow of a doubt, Saint-Tropez is the ideal place for a week-end break or why not a full week of guaranteed relaxation. A city with excellent urban planning, Saint-Tropez will eliminate your stress just through the power of its sights and structure.

Tourism in Saint-Tropez

A city which respects the ancient traditions of planning and building, in a single tour you will notice that the infrastructure is full of chatoyant colours. The image of the town will fill your eyes with life.

Gastronomy in Saint-Tropez for the foodies

Through a more thorough visit, the local cuisine will be the second thing not to miss. Indeed, with just €6 in your pocket you will be able to be satisfied by the culinary specialties of the local chefs. The aroma of the food will offer you a preview of the garlicky nature of the meals as you walk through the commercial streets throughout the city. For fans of hot food, we suggest to try a nice vegetable caviar accompanied with a hot sauce. If you have a sweeter tooth, shops present you with white nougat in stick or cube form, or almond pies at very attractive prices.

Saint-Tropez, one of the most visited city in the world

Saint-Tropez welcomes up to 120,000 tourists since 2018 over the holiday season, and no less than 11,000 during off-peak seasons. It is one of the most visited cities in France throughout the year. Thanks to its warm and temperate climate, you are guaranteed a free tan! For the benefit of families, and particularly children, tanning does not mean burning, as the temperature will not go over 28 degrees in the summer.

All season fun

In winter, the temperature never ventures below -1 degree. Activities remain plentiful and will make your winter unforgettable. Even if the weakest amongst you catch a small cold, the light displays and ice-skating on the parking lot of the Lices Plaza remain open to the public. To warm up every once in a while, the city of Saint-Tropez has a plethora of restaurants that are open 24/7 in every street corner.

The beaches of Saint-Tropez

The 12km long shore of Saint-Tropez is a place of beauty. All you have to do is the select which of the seven beaches you would like to relax on. A tip for you, with seven days in week, you will be able to try them all!

With guaranteed sunlight, each beach will give you access to everything that you need: parking space for your car, restaurants for your moments of hunger or little boutiques for your shopping trips.

For the fanciest amongst you, many private beaches reserved to VIPs can be found in Saint-Tropez.

For €1000 a day in the case of Nikki Beach, every service desirable to satisfy both young and old are included. Your children will be catered for, and your car can be left to be thoroughly looked after. You will feel like you are lounging on an American beach without the downfall of jet-lag.

A Saint-Tropez night life to enjoy without moderation

If you are traveling with your friend group, nothing is more recommended than a night out. Mixed with the beauty of the beach and the warmth of the sun, the festive air of Saint-Tropez is to be enjoyed without moderation. Bars, casinos and bowling alleys remain open until the last customer decides to leave. If you are a music fan, you will find happiness here. The calendar is already filled until next summer with concerts and festivals. Some of the most sought after concerts are the operas. If you however favour films over music, you will not be disappointed. You are already finding yourself in the city where many of the most beautiful French films were shot.

To make it more accessible, Saint-Tropez has its own website which gives you access to all of the information available on upcoming events

Saint-Tropez, rich in history and landmarks 

Your stay will be made complete with the visit of the two museums that can be found in the heart of the city itself. To begin your tour, start with the Maritime Provencal Heritage Museum. Afterwards the film making history will come to you. For the small price of €3, the museums of Saint-Tropez offer family entertainment. They are open from 10am to 5.30pm Monday to Sunday, all year except for French bank holidays.

The Maritime Museum of the Citadel was labelled as such in 2013 after renovations. Even if it has a fixed price of €3, children under 12 can come in for free to see the defence force of King Henry XIV against the Spanish navy in the XVIth Century. Learning will not be as dull as in the classroom, as history will be explained through short films.

Maritime Museum of Saint-Tropez

When it comes to cinema (in the old fort of the French military police), the theatre can host up to 170 people during events organised by the city. You will be able to relive scenes from Louis de Funès films and the American film ‘The Transporter’. This side of the city has indeed been reserved for films and video clips. Book your tickets now and ask for a shooting permit by contacting the people in charge on the official website.

Regarding traveling costs, you may have noticed that you will be able to have a very enjoyable time with your family or your friends without breaking the bank. Pack up, Saint-Tropez awaits you. While you’re here, don’t forget to take photographs or selfies. Remember, you are the star! Enjoy!

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