Touristic tour in Provence, go to the discovery of Frejus!

Discover Frejus, rich in history, beautiful Provencal city of the Côte d’Azur, between Cannes and Saint Tropez. You will be seduced by its beaches and all the events organized by the city: cultural, artistic and musical. follow the guide

Frejus, a beautiful Provencal town and seaside resort, rich in history and Roman heritage is located in the heart of the French Riviera, between Cannes and Saint Tropez, dominated by the valleys of Argencs and Reyan.

Its beaches attract many holidaymakers every year and Fréjus stands out above all for its many events organized by the city: cultural, artistic, musical. The wealth of the heritage of the city of Fréjus and its possibilities for activities allow you to stay in Fréjus during the four seasons.

Frejus: The history of the country

Frejus was first called Forum Julii, the city was born from the sea thanks to the first Caesar. It was during the reign of Augustus that Roman sailors and soldiers seduced by the beauty of the country settled there to plant the vineyard, the olive tree and the fruit trees. By their landscape action and the love of what is beautiful, we owe them one of the greatest places in the South of France: Provence.

The Provençal people who have always been driven by this love and the preservation of this heritage have contributed to the preservation of the monuments for a harmonious development of the different districts of Fréjus.

What to see and visit in Frejus?

Whether you go for a tour in the Côte d’Azur through Nice, Antibes, Cannes or to spend your holidays, camping or hotel formula in Frejus, there are places to visit.

Fréjus the city center, let yourself be seduced by its natural charm

The charm operates upon your arrival in downtown Fréjus. The city offers unique places, rich in history and varied. You can discover the magnificent cathedral classified historic monument, authentic fountains and small colorful houses! The wealth of the heritage of the city of Fréjus and its possibilities for activities allow you to stay in Fréjus during the four seasons.

>Discover The Aqueduct during the exploration of the city

Aqueduc à Fréjus

Located 800 meters from the city center, passing the Jean Jaurès street, the aqueduct of Mons Fréjus testifies to the Roman hegemony: this Roman aqueduct fed the city of Fréjus from Mons and Montauroux. The aqueduct is listed as a historical monument since 1886.

 >The arenas of Frejus, place of history and major musical events   

Famous and well known to tourists, the arena of Fréjus (L’amphithéâtre de Fréjus) located less than 2 km from the city center is a must for your visit to Frejus. The arena of the city will let you imagine the sumptuous evenings organized by the Romans in its remains but not only … Did you know that in the 60s, this ancient setting has hosted, for decades, the greatest shows on the planet, artists French and international. Under the impulse of the organizer of the time, Lucien Salles, each summer the Arena of Fréjus was the multicultural center of attraction of the Old ContinentArena of Frejus

Arènes de Fréjus

>Wake up your taste buds at Fréjus markets

There are many markets with colorful fruits and vegetables, bursting with sunshine from the South to Frejus. Nocturnes, Provençal or traditional market outings with family or friends are always good times.

Have fun, move during the summer events in Fréjus, St Raphaël, Puget-sur-Agens …

Throughout the year, Fréjus is a city that will seduce everyone young and old, sports, nature lovers ….

Events in spring and summer are numerous: 2 wheelers’ show, the festival of plants (in April), the trail Hermes Esterel, Color Azur in April, the week affoilante at the Port of Frejus in May, the Retro auto forum in June … not to mention all the events around Saint Raphael, Puget-sur-Agens, Roquebrune sur Argens …


Fréjus coté nature

>The nature base 

The nature base is very popular with locals, tourists and sports enthusiasts, enjoy the fitness area designed by the city to seduce young and old. Towards the beach, let yourself be tempted by a segway hike to Fréjus! 

 >Discover the Provencal lifestyle at Port Frejus

It is right in front of the sea that you will really enjoy the mild Provencal climate and the beauty of the Mediterranean coastline. Many bars and restaurants invite you to have a good time with friends, to restore you, to taste the dishes and Provençal specialties Escape on the Mediterranean, in a protected Gulf, for all the nautical pleasures and a baptism of diving starting from Frejus port.

 >The Fréjus and Saint Raphaël beaches

The beach of Fréjus extends for more than 1 km until the Port of Fréjus. Both to enjoy the joys of swimming and tanning moments, the beach of Frejus is also the place of fireworks. The “Promenade” along the beach offers the summer evenings under the freshness of plane trees a craft market.

In Saint Raphael, you will have the choice between 29 beaches along the 36 km of coastline: in fine sand or pebbles (beaches of Boulouris, Dramont and Agay), shady strikes, creeks and creeks Anthéor or Trayas.

For your sightseeing and relaxing day in Fréjus, Saint Raphaël, Puget-sur-Agens, HSE Platform, our Nice-Fréjus taxis serviceaccompanies you for your discovery trips, your days or your private parties or events in Fréjus!

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